BioArc Design

As architects and designers, our passion and speciality is in the creation of beautiful buildings, temples and other structures, as repleted spaces.  Together we bring lifetimes of experience and skill to this passion, and offer a comprehensive service to people who wish to manifest a sacred place of creativity in harmonic coherence with their land. Our design approach enlivens the senses of all who live and move through these spaces, as well as beautifying the environment. The results of our work are based on the ability to perceive the combined beauty of the source of creative impulse and the energetic potential and material resources of the land.

A simple metaphor for this process is when two people want to create a child. The  Source of life is designing this child; combining the energetics of the two people and the environmental possibilities. The result is the most truthful form, which provides home for the energetic life / soul.  As in this metaphor, we take the clients, the initialisers of the vision, as the starting impulse. Then, we feel and consider the land or space as an environmental resource; bringing these together to generate the best possible conformation which conveys the truth of the vision. We breathe this in and express this combination of qualities in the form of beauty.  Our design service takes the initial vision through a process of unfolding and emergence. Our role is to give it form and open the timeline to its completion. This creative journey together has a number of developmental stages, and will produce the following results-

Initial Outline Design Proposal

Developed Design
AutoCAD Computer Drawings
Interior and Exterior Finishes, Specifications and Schedules

We integrate a full spectrum of design inspiration in our creative work; including, but not limited to, the pure principles of BioArchitecture, Neuro-Aesthetics, Sacred Geometry and other holistic disciplines and design traditions. We can use the language of these systems and modalities, to demonstrate to the client that the resulting product of our work is based on systemic methods and scientific precepts. We endeavour to make no unrealistic promises, no assumptions and no misrepresentations; and offer only conscious, quality work, aligned with higher wisdom, and in full service to beauty.

Holistic Service

In order to ensure that people have the opportunity to create their own repleted space, we created an online portal – ZemDesignShop , which offers a selection of beautiful, holistic house/building designs for sale and inspiration, based on the life loving principles of BioArchitecture and Holistic design.

There are currently six small house types, six larger family homes and a plethora of specialist designs for every conceivable use. There are also many additional design inspirations there for your perusal and enjoyment. Changes (layout, scale and style) to any of these designs is possible, as well as direct engagement with new design commissions. So whether you are open to build something special for yourself, or manifest a beautiful home for your family, your business, commercial or spiritual centre, or whether you are a property developer who wishes to be the first to integrate BioArchitecture into your projects – this web-shop has something to interest and inspire you.

…for more pictures of realised   projects  click here or like our FB page

Decisive – Support

We often meet clients who are experiencing difficulty in making key decisions pertaining to the location, layout or design of their home or place of work. They come to us to gain clarity and receive support. We offer a personal process which guides the client to their inner knowing of which choice is best supporting the expression of their life potential. This process can also include a comprehensive analytical assessments to describe and anchor this movement for them.

Each of our home and space designs are based on the principles of Holistic Design and BioArchitecture; which involves the conscious integration of Beauty in the procurement of wonderful buildings for life.
ZeMArC Design knows that it is very important to offer the highest quality products as well as facilitating peoples personal tastes, traditional and cultural styles, and local construction and design preferences.
We expand our service and product range to accommodate this knowing. As an example of what is possible we have taken our existing Avisa Raki design (link – and generated two additional visual expressions of how it could look like from the outside (images 1 and 2). The first is in a modern, contemporary idiom, and the second an organic, eco-style.
In addition to the existing view (image 3), these two options are alternatives which respond to a wider desire for people to build what they most wish for. All of our designs can be adjusted in a similar way, to suit any individual stylistic preference. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.