We have created a series of online videos which introduce a range of subjects and topics pertaining to a Repleted Life, Sacred Geometry, Bioarchitecture and Holistic Design. Each of these introductory videos invite you to subscribe to a more comprehensive program, where you can explore these themes further, via more in-depth videos, audio files, ebooks or consultations. Through the conscious sharing of information and inspiration, the gentle challenge of held assumptions and beliefs, the asking of the right questions at the right time, and the offering and sharing of our own perspectives, these programs will give you the opportunity to expand the boundaries of your mind in your journey to explore and express your fullest and most authentic self. We also occasionally offer, or are asked to collaborate on, single webinar events, as part of some larger program.


Bioarchitecture, and how to be a bioarchitect

An understanding of how nature creates beauty and life. As a bioarchitect you are better able to serve your wishes in particular and life in general when you embrace the realisation and definition of what life actually is. It provides us with opportunities to recognise and follow our deepest purpose, our mission, our dreams; which lead to bliss, which is the wind on which love travels, to take us Home.


Sacred Geometry and natural pattern as an alchemy of life

The Universe is a Unified Field, which creates using shape. Nature uses shape and ratio  to connect all things effortlessly. A building can be considered sacred if all the various frequencies and wavelengths of information generated by life can be attracted and held as naturally harmonic standing waves within the space.


Neuro-Aesthetics and Biocentrism

All about how you see the world and how what you see affects you.

It is an emergent field of experimental science that seeks to combine neuro-psychological research with visual aesthetics by investigating the perception and response to art / beauty, as well as sensory interactions with objects, scenes and spaces that evoke an intense feeling, often of pleasure.


Holistic design

As a design approach, it enlivens the senses of all who live and move through these spaces, as well as beautifying the environment. The results of holistic design are based on the ability to perceive and work with the combined beauty of the source, creative impulses and the energetic potential and material resources of the land.

Do you think and believe that some type of building or form are able to heal, save you or improve your spiritual development?

The object or building has no power to change, no emission of energy. Therefore, we can only create the beauty, which lets your full potential flow and express.



How certain building materials can attract and hold consciousness better than others. The pathway to a more sustainable future in terms of how and where we live. Practical application and utilisation of materials, technologies and techniques that ensure the optimal outcome of any construction project, in terms of health, harmony and holism.


Repleted space

Spaces which embody the essence and expression of beauty, through the conscious utilisation and integration of Natures patterns, proportions and protocols, connecting clear intent with effective formation. If the object is beautiful, well made, consciously shaped, fully used, loved and nurtured, it will continue to reverberate with the original Source setting and intention.

Devine Mapping and Temples of Life

Together, through the full spectrum of our capacities we developed the ability to connect and feel into the quality and essence of the future structures – Temples of life, and we give this expression a form, in order to be able to share it with the world as loci of the new consciousness.

Divine mapping  is a fractal correlation between body and a planet and exists on two levels physical which is a grid on the current geographical map and energetic which is about the geometry of creation in lattice formation.

Video ´Temples of life and Devine Mapping´


The wisdom of the civilisation who build countless breathtaking structures all over the world, who possessed unimaginable technology and accomplished amazing art and architecture, is again open and available to us. The connection has been recovered and the inspiration is flowing. It is TIME to step into real connection and explore how we might architect our ancient and beautiful future together.

Video Link



An audio about Repleted Space wherein we illuminate the Precepts of Sacred Space.



To all who wish to see, feel and create more beauty in their designs, and in their world. This is an inspiring audio-visual webinar presentation on the topic of  Beauty, within the context of Repleted Space and Holistic Design.


Link to the video from the Conference in Oktober 2018  Gathering of Universal Geometry ‘Architects 3000’ about School of the Future.