Online PLAN 2020

We are delighted to inform you of our upcoming webinar series, which will cover a range of subjects fuelling our passions. They are scheduled for every second Sunday, starting in May. In response to the new opportunities to share online and support people in this transformational time. Some of prepared themes: Bioarchitecture, and how to be a bioarchitect, Sacred Geometry and natural pattern as an alchemy of life, Neuro-Aesthetics and Biocentrism, Holistic design, Repleted space, Eco-Construction, Temples of life and Divine Mapping and others.

Based on your e-mail interest, we will link you to a live stream, where it will also be possible to ask questions.



The influence of our environment on our physiological and psychological wellbeing.

Evening Talk in Banska Bystrica on 30.7.2020


Online gathering of souvereign people to share life affirming topics of great interest. We have been invited to speak and present some of our areas of expertise and passion. Upon email request we will link you to the event.


Bioarchitecture, and how to be a bioarchitect


An understanding of how nature creates beauty and life. As a bioarchitect you are better able to serve your wishes in particular and life in general when you embrace the realisation and definition of what life actually is. It provides us with opportunities to recognise and follow our deepest purpose, our mission, our dreams; which lead to bliss, which is the wind on which love travels, to take us Home.

YouTube video link – Bioarchitecture


Sacred Geometry and natural pattern as an alchemy of life


The Universe is a Unified Field, which creates using shape. Nature uses shape and ratio  to connect all things effortlessly. A building can be considered sacred if all the various frequencies and wavelengths of information generated by life can be attracted and held as naturally harmonic standing waves within the space.

YouTube video link – Sacred Geometry


Neuro-Aesthetics and Biocentrism



All about how you see the world and how what you see affects you.

It is an emergent field of experimental science that seeks to combine neuro-psychological research with visual aesthetics by investigating the perception and response to art / beauty, as well as sensory interactions with objects, scenes and spaces that evoke an intense feeling, often of pleasure.

YouTupe video link – Neuro-aesthetics, Biocentrism


Holistic design


As a design approach, it enlivens the senses of all who live and move through these spaces, as well as beautifying the environment. The results of holistic design are based on the ability to perceive and work with the combined beauty of the source, creative impulses and the energetic potential and material resources of the land.

Do you think and believe that some type of building or form are able to heal, save you or improve your spiritual development?

The object or building has no power to change, no emission of energy. Therefore, we can only create the beauty, which lets your full potential flow and express.

YouTube video link – Holistic design





How certain building materials can attract and hold consciousness better than others. The pathway to a more sustainable future in terms of how and where we live. Practical application and utilisation of materials, technologies and techniques that ensure the optimal outcome of any construction project, in terms of health, harmony and holism.


Repleted space



Spaces which embody the essence and expression of beauty, through the conscious utilisation and integration of Natures patterns, proportions and protocols, connecting clear intent with effective formation. If the object is beautiful, well made, consciously shaped, fully used, loved and nurtured, it will continue to reverberate with the original Source setting and intention.


Temples of life and Divine Mapping

which are our fundamental passion as creators, are virtual and material vibrational constructs; conceived, designed, built and used for the soul purpose of giving people the opportunity to generate, explore, experience and celebrate all aspects of Beauty and Love. All of us who can feel the calling of our souls need Temples of Life now, more than ever.

Can anchor our movements across this beautiful world. It can be defined as a process of feeling, identifying, connecting and graphically articulating points and movements of future memories into an interpenetrating network of truth, wisdom and love.

Other important topics – dates to be confirmed:





    • The role of beauty, inspiration, receptivity, harmony in perception and creative expression Sharing your gift
    • The love of Nature
    • Ways to go through a personal crisis, emotional depletion, deceptionNecessary rebellion as a step to freedom
    • Liberation phase of humanity
    • Resistance to the system, courage and awareness
    • Inevitable upheaval is here
    • Trust in the flow of the happening
    • Focus on one’s own talents as a meaning of lif
    • Authenticity, integrity of thoughts, worlds and actions
    • Savetheworld-itis and zapping of vital energy
    • Self-remembering and attention turn inwards