The Laughing Field.

Recently, during our outdoor morning exercise session, I had a thought which I expressed… not
always a good idea (but in this case… it was). It was about laughing. The sequence of thinking that opened was something like this — how many people in the world?.. Say 8 billion… ok, so how
many of them are currently awake?.. Let’s say 4 Billion. So, now, how many of them are in a life situation that might stimulate a laugh or two, in any given moment?… Let’s say 500 million
(perhaps a bit high..)… Ok, so then.. How many of them are currently laughing in this moment?
Say 1 million. And here was the conclusion; If one million people were currently expressing and enjoying a laugh in this very moment, then what effect might that cymatic jocular field be having, at a morphogenic level? In other words, within the meaning and movement of the collective unconscious, what happens to people that open up to connect into this humourous reality, receive the encoded group information, and be compelled to express it also?  This thought / concept arose, lingered, was expressed and soon moved on — but the energy remained within us. As we doing a head stand at the time, this playful possibility became associated with the posture, and since then, every time we do this exercise, the giggle gateway to the group laugh opens.



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