Viral world-saving

I have recently become more attentive to the challenges that are presenting more and more in my environment and are creating a new aggregor in the collective consciousness.  They are taking the form of  invitations to an idea of someone who has a „sure“ way to make the world better or even save the world in some way.  There have always been people and communities, which are friendly to life and their heart beats attracts other people who are in resonance with this natural calling.  But now, an unknown virus is spreading, giving some “chosen” a sense of power to make great changes that present as the basis for a new world and a new life.  Almost always, this is a person or group who has no special knowledge, skills, nor resources to realise the great idea.   Paradoxically, in most of these cases, the vision requires big investment. In their great bubble of courage and resolve, those civilisation saviours with sufficient intelligence to manipulate and fill the environment with complicated project information, surround themselves with trustworthy, open, and oftentimes fear-driven, obedient helpers.  That is why these followers are willing to dedicate their life energy, time and talent in exchange for promises of great benefit, privilege and the money of investors who “will” jump immediately on this unprecedented opportunity, or there is talk about “secret funds” that are ready to finance everything and are waiting only for the removal of some last minor obstacle.  Yet why is it that these fully follower supported and beautifully marketed project visions remain unrealised for years, if ever?

And here we get to the basic similarity with viral infection; which involves the incorporation of viral DNA into a host cell, replication of that material, and the eventual release of the new viruses.  In order for the virus to replicate itself, it must use the resources of the cell.  In much the same way as a virus penetrates and infects a cell, an idea can enter and infect the mind of a person.  Any ideology which we remember from the past or  see in the present is based on the same principle.  Whether it is communism, capitalism, democracy or religion, it is always a gathering of a substantial number of people, who place their trust in some cover story, and the subsequent use of their lives for totally different hidden purposes and intention.  Regardless of the specifics, it is always about control.  For the participants there are some benefits (mostly only illusionary), or a false sense of security in a system that allowed them just to survive.   These illusions are based on either emotional blackmail / guilt projection, or promises of a better life, future physical, psychological or financial advantages, spiritual enlightenment or post-mortal paradise.  None of these ideologies have ever allowed an infected person to live a fulfilled, repleted life, nor give them a chance to create in a natural human state, in freedom to express the full potential of existence.  The idea (regardless of how sublime the intention and vision is) is based on the control and usage of other people’s resources and is merely an adaptation of an old virus that has the ambition to become a new ideology.  The virus strengthens the illusion that we need a leader, community or centralised vision to become interconnected and act in conformity with the Whole, and so it wants to become an epidemic.  But since we are like cells of one body, this virus is trying to gradually infect more and more individuals.

Now, dear reader, you could consider if the body / world really needs clusters of cells lurking in the vision of achieving great success in separation from healthy holism or would it be better if the cells are conscious of their own primary role and acting only in accordance with their inner settings and sources in undeniable unity with the Whole system of Body?

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