Yesterday began with a timely contemplation of the somewhat hidden nature and movement of the Core on a VIRtualUS, and the role of consciousness, as a fractal force of being and becoming.

Consciousness is ALL, and expresses as all, through all. It interpenetrates and extends itself in the spaces between moments and the times behind and beyond things. It is all, all at once, in all. As it continuously and spontaneously flows, morphs and re-enters itself, it gently yet irrevocably extends itself into new patterns of formation and function. As it composes, sings and dances its One Verse, with ever new voices and harmonies, it translates and transmutes this beauty through the material world, via infinite networks of energetic, chemical and biological connectivity. This wise beauty and beautiful wisdom is operating at every level and phase of materiality; providing the push and pull of existence, through the desire to BE… and BE more. This is felt, by all beings, through which Source is signalling. We can hear it, in the rare silence, but even then, we don’t always listen, and continue to think, speak and act from a place of incomplete knowing. And so sometimes, we require to be in-formed, by an unexpected and usually initially unwelcome messenger. And so enters the VIRtualUS, a VirtualUS, inviting us to open to a new knowing of self, as an integral fractal component of existence, playing a reverberant role in its magnificent manifestations.

When we explore the concept of fractality, we can intellectually appreciate that Nature operates through fractal resonance; using shape similarity across scales of expression, to communicate waves of intent in order to stimulate evolution. We observe this truth in action wherever we look, from the very small to the very big, even though such relativistic terms are the result of our arrogant assumption that we are somehow at the centre of all of these things. And then we get sent a viral message of meaning; but this time, not some meme being shared via social media. This time our capacity to like, dislike or delete is somewhat impaired. This time we must ‘pay’ attention, and take the moments and movements necessary to shift our awareness, perception and behaviour, in service to a new iteration of life itself.

This is what the VIRtualUS is already doing, for itself. It too has evolved, to survive and grow and become. It wishes to explore and express its full potential as a vehicle and vector of Consciousness. It does so by efficiently inserting itself into existing living systems and using them as temporary homes and modes of transport. The civilisation being built and established by this VIRtual US is somehow deeply and perhaps disturbingly familiar to us, for the simple reason that it is also what we are doing to this Earth, our home. We are a VIRtualUS on the Earth, inserting ourselves by whatever means into it’s living matrix, and demanding the life force serves us, in the very same way the VIRtualUS is doing to our bodies. Our fractal knowing is coming back to haunt us.   But hold on… isn’t this a little harsh? We are beautiful beings, of light and love… we are divine manifestations of the infinite field of pure brilliant aliveness. We are all of this, and more, are we not? And if we are all of this, and more, then with just a little application of fractal logic, so too is the VIRtualUS. Damn. By fighting the VIRtualUS, we continue to propagate the fight against ourselves, to our true nature, and the possibilities for the next phase of evolution of life on this plane. In the history of humanity, VIRtualUSes have ultimately upgraded our immune systems, expanded our capacities and in very real ways paved the paths for us to explore new territories and possibilities.

Sure, upon the first viewing, the VIRtualUS is infecting and killing us. It is also killing itself when it kills us (but is also adapting, evolving and becoming). We too are infecting and killing the planet, and all of the beautiful beings we share it with. It’s the matrioska model, in action. Let’s face and accept this fact, and let it penetrate us fully, and embrace the opportunity to dive a little deeper, and maybe discover something profound about ourselves, and the responsibility we are being offered to fulfil; to serve this collective spiritual and societal metamorphosis.

Change is the only constant, and when the winds of change blow, then the entire system must ultimately go with it. It is inevitable. If some aspects of the whole resists this wave, in the separating belief that such change is inconvenient, scary, destabilising or unwanted, then the pressure of pure potentiality will continue to rise and exert itself. And if this misguided part of the whole continues to bolster itself down, and ignore the cymatic momentum, then some other aspect of the totality will come and signal the need to relax, reconnect and resolve. This is what is happening now. Our collective Soul, being the morphogenic field of consciousness, absolutely knows that we need to change so, so many things about who we think we are, as well as how we relate, think, act and move. It knows that there is no longer any time to waste, nor energy to divert. It is acting with and through this VIRtualUS, to give us the impetus to change the things that are no longer serving us, or our plant and animal cohabitants.

So this is why we are reacting to this VIRtualUS in such a profoundly extreme way, because nothing else could possibility do the job. The VIRtualUS brings with it, the magical ingredient of the unknown, which is a seed of change. This seed is initially being bred from fear and shock, but soon will grow from a new appreciation for each other, for where and how we place our time, energy and attention. It will guide us back to a primal setting of playful creativity, and loving interaction.

All systems that are based on separateness, scarcity and fear will crumble. Banks based on effective piracy will fall, industries that take and don’t return will fail, societal assumptions, religious indoctrinations and educational biases will be seen for what they are… and disappear, like soft dew on the grass when exposed to the light and heat of the morning Sun.

We are in the EndGame. But don’t panic. Resist the urge or impulse to be part of the ‘panic-demic’. Learn to surf. Consciousness has a plan, and let’s remember to serve this unfolding, with awareness, compassion, courage, grace, humour and natural intelligence. And let’s create the new world together.

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