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How to turn a nightmare to a dream? Open yourself to magic. No more unbalanced information! Imagine a world where everybody has complete access to a central databank of everything. What can every human become? Let us create the new Reality. This themes and much more are moving us and we feel the need to […]


Yesterday began with a timely contemplation of the somewhat hidden nature and movement of the Core on a VIRtualUS, and the role of consciousness, as a fractal force of being and becoming. Consciousness is ALL, and expresses as all, through all. It interpenetrates and extends itself in the spaces between moments and the times behind […]

Simplest is Bestest

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci The outer wall of a building, the ‘envelop’ as it know as, is generally considered our third skin, after our clothes and our original birthday suit!   All of these membranes serve many functions; both practical and aesthetic – regulating and connecting the inner and outer worlds.  […]

Holistic Design Projects

We would love to share with you update photos and drawings of some of our holistic design projects, under construction and completed. It is always a big joy to see how beauty is supported in the flow of creation and realisation by the conscious power of people, who have a dream to live in harmony […]


Our year began with an enthralling adventure to Barcelona in Spain, to dive deep into the rich architecture of this beautiful city, with specific focus on experiencing the timeless work of Antonio Gaudi. This fuelled and inspired our first Repletion of Space seminar which we held in Bratislava a few weeks later. A little later […]


When introducing our designs to new people we oftentimes encounter a particular reaction which points to an epidemic of the mind that pervades so many aspects of our modern life.  This reaction can be simply described as a fear of unusuality, or put another way, fear of the unknown.   Our whole society operates on […]

Viral world-saving

I have recently become more attentive to the challenges that are presenting more and more in my environment and are creating a new aggregor in the collective consciousness.  They are taking the form of  invitations to an idea of someone who has a „sure“ way to make the world better or even save the world […]