Our year began with an enthralling adventure to Barcelona in Spain, to dive deep into the rich architecture of this beautiful city, with specific focus on experiencing the timeless work of Antonio Gaudi. This fuelled and inspired our first Repletion of Space seminar which we held in Bratislava a few weeks later.

A little later we had a very full week in France, at the iconic Chartres Cathedral, presenting a range of inter related topics on Holistic Design to a large group of people, as part of the annual Ubiquity University educational program.

We then flew to Ireland to take another pilgrimage along the Wild Atlantic Way; experiencing and surrendering to the raw power of Nature, as we walked along the high clifftops, climbed down into the caves below and held silence in a number of ancient sacred sites.

Our ever expanding desire to learn more about how to create beautiful environments provided the impulse for us to jump in the car and head south, through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and onwards to Bosnia; where we spend some time exploring the famous Pyramids and Tunnels. The conditions within the tunnel complex, in terms of the extremely high count of Negative Ions naturally occurring there, was a source of great interest to us, as we appreciate the health implications of such environments and the importance of replicating such within our buildings.

In Autumn, we rolled our sleeves up, picked up our hammers and set about building a timber framed Forest Retreat Space just outside Prague, in the Czech Republic. This was a wonderful opportunity to directly apply all of the principles and protocols of Holistic Design from the very first moment, through the primary construction phase of this project.

We had quite a few teaching and workshop engagements throughout 2018, starting with our well attended ‘Repleted Life’ series in Bratislava, a number of online webinars and group events – The Architects 3000 symposium in Sicily, the Academy of Sacred geometry in New York, and culminating with some foundational movement to collaborate with other design orientated collectives across the world.

Our design projects took us on quite a tour also, with the design of a toroidal shaped healing centre in the Colombian forest, a decagonal home in Chile, a hexagonal retirement space on the western Mexican seaboard, a double mirror Golden Spiral Healing centre in upstate Pennsylvania, a pyramid seed storage structure in Ireland, as well as a few more harmonic home extensions there, three organic home designs in Croatia and a selection of other projects that will continue their evolution into 2019.

In the latter months of 2018 we travelled to the heartland of Slovakia, to lay the ground work for the creation of our own project; the first Temple of Love structure, which we will build there this year. We plan to anchor the construction process around a number of experiential public workshops, which will give people the opportunity to learn directly from us, and other experts, throughout all stages of the building process.

We are so grateful for all that we experienced and received throughout 2018, and to all the inspirational people we had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

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