“Who am I?”…

Recently, I was asked a simple but profound question by a friend who has been through several intense years of psycho-spiritual challenge.  His question was – ‘Who am I?”, and was fuelled by his deep sense that he is here to do something very important.  It reminded me of so many people who are seeking for some deeper sense or meaning in their lives; of some special task that they must complete, or some hidden abilities which they must discover and utilise, in the service of something greater.  

After I read his message, I took a few minutes to feel into how I might react to it.  I can appreciate the honest desire to ‘know’, and to accept such information, and perhaps even use it constructively in life.  However, I also felt that such a question can only really be answered by the person who asks it.  Even then, the answer can only ever be an incomplete one, as I believe it is impossible to fully describe or quantify who we are, in ultimate terms that have any meaning.  This movement got me thinking; and so I wrote back to him, and offered a perspective that resonates with me, but also was one that I felt he did not want to consider.  And here it is.

So I thought, that asking “who am I?” is much like asking “so, what website am I?”.  Because each life form is like a website on the internet, consisting of fields of energy and information that are available for connection.  There is a website called Jesus, and another called Buddha.  There is one called Genghis Khan, and no doubt one called Ermentrude.  If we visit these sites regularly, we begin to find answers there; we resonate with the story laden content, and before too long our belief system and sense of self becomes intrinsically linked to it.  And soon after that we may imagine that we and the content are so aligned as to be, in effect, one and the same source coding.

It is but a beautiful illusion.  As we move through life, or perhaps more accurately, as life moves through us, we may feel the need to connect into various fields or states of being, like logging into these websites.  In our desire to create a life of meaning it may be that our momentary need is to download some warrior software, from an appropriate site.  Or maybe we require some magical educational protocols that offers solutions to some of life’s problems.  Maybe our attention is for some time fixated on a history channel that pulls us into compelling stories from the past.  The list is endless, as are the morphic resonant possibilities for exploration and expression.

My own inner truth tells me that there is only ONE of us here; one ever present, all knowing consciousness dancing with and within the illusion of separateness; ever seeking to find and see / know itself again in the eyes of another.  Drenching this truth with meaning opens the door to the simplicity of creation; and our role in it.  That the only thing that matters is what we do, in each and every moment, what LOVE do we bring into being in the world, with every thought, word, feeling, movement and act.  The I AM.  The innate drive in every Being alive is to remember who it is, why it is here, and from that source knowing, bring forth love as life itself.

A pretty good deal, really.

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